Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kinda crazy with a spooky little (cheesy) girl like you

Norah isn’t the worst at going to bed, but she isn’t the best either. Usually she makes odd demands to prolong her time awake: to go “pp toilet” after she just finished, for her baby dolls which she could care less for during the day, and her favorite “more cheese” (Usually it’s something specific and elaborate for a two-year old, like “one big cheese and one little cheese” or “white cheese and yellow cheese.”)
Tonight she asked for a third round of cheese and I lied to her and told her we were all out.
“Buy it” is always her answer.
Then somehow I carelessly mentioned that I was going to the store after she went to sleep. Hilary had already gone to bed. I left out the front door shortly later and drove to the grocery store and bought a couple things and came home about 25 minutes later. As I pulled up I noticed a dark area in Norah’s window contrasting with the beige curtains. That’s a funny shadow, I thought to myself, how weird would that be if it was Norah on the inside of the curtain, watching the neighborhood?
As I walked up to the front door, I hear a muffled voice say “daddy.”
I jumped. After I finished feeling spooked I felt impressed by her fortitude to have knelt in the windowsill in the three-inch space between the glass and the curtain for who knows how long, watching the night fall on her front yard.
Still standing outside, I asked her, “What are you doing Norah?”
“Watching out the window.”
From our conversation after I came inside, I realized that from inside her window she had watched me leave and had been waiting for me to go to the store, buy some cheese, come back, cut her a slice, and bring it in to her bedroom.
So I gave her cheese and a cracker.


Melissa said...

That's crazy.

Molly said...

You guys are soooo in trouble with that one. She is one smart cookie

Hilary Jorgensen said...

i heard her talking to herself in her room after you left. she was probably saying something like, "i hope he buys the yellow kind" or maybe she was singing, "i'm so glad when daddy comes home . . ."

Unknown said...

Priceless memory for you, Andy. Norah is the sweetest, cutest thing ever.

Tiffany Giraud said...

That's some serious dedication to cheese. And her dad. :)

Katie R said...

i need to get your email address again, hilary. anyway, i realized tonight that every time you invite us to something in the park we're a half hour late. sorry about that. i will try to be better. i really like you as the social coordinator so i will try to stay in your good graces. but seeing as i have a nursing baby still i hesitate to make any strong promises. oh, and i nearly cried when i realized i didn't get to finish my cheesecake. that was delicious.

marsha jorgensen said...

That is a dang cute story. Her mind isn't buzzing all the time is it!? We love her, she is going to make you "say what you mean, and mean what you say"!! I knew a little boy like that! Love Mom

Emily said...

She is so cute! More posts, please!

Brett & Hailey Cahoon said...

Can you write the stories in my life? You are a good at it and Norah's good at providing them. Thanks for the laugh, both of you.