Sunday, April 1, 2012

little girls galore

Fancy 'Do at Grandma Sandi's Beauty Parlor.

Juniper shows Great Grandpa Jack how to eat a hand sandwich.

Sisters rock (badabing!)

7:20 a.m. She woke up early to make sure daddy didn't skip brushing his teeth again and would later report back to mom.

Her first solid foods. She'll probably grow up to have magnolia super powers now.

Tummy time. With less drool than Norah's tummy time. Also Juniper rolls over now I guess. KOABD (Kind of a big deal) But not for her. Juniper's like, "WIDAKOSBYDNBIT2B" (Whatever, I do all kinds of stuff but y'all don't notice because I'm the 2nd baby)

Below--Classic Norah face.I asked Norah what color Juni's and mommy's eyes were. She knew--Blue. I asked her what color her eyes were and she said blue. Sorry Norah, you got daddy color eyes.

Mom, put the camera down. Are we gonna talk or are we gonna walk the walk?


Melissa said...

Cute girls man.
Like the outfit Andy is in at the end.
Did you hear about Gavin?

Katie R said...

your hair is getting really long

etreiersen said...

What a lucky man Andy is to be surround by 3 beautiful girls.

I didn't even recognize Hilary with her long hair. Norah's look so grown up with her curly hair.

By the way, We have you booked at The Reiersen B&B for "sometime in the future"

Molly said...

I loved this post. Please post more often. Juni has changed so much since the last photos I saw.
Miss you guys.

Emily said...

Andy is rocking that baby carrier! Your girls are so cute and I can't believe how big Norah has gotten! I love her hair! Post more, post more!