Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I am so in love with Andy.

(Caution: This blog post has severe stereotyping weaved entirely throughout. Read at your own risk.)

If you don't recognize these two delightful women, you obviously need to get out more. Maybe you could start by attending one of the many events held during Boise's Gay Pride Week. Look for a short, heavyset woman with spikey, bleach-tipped hair who is plugged into her ipod. Tap her on the shoulder and ask her to whom she is listening. Chances are she's listening to Amy and Emily--two folky singer/songwriter lesbians more commonly referred to as the Indigo Girls.

My sister, Lyric, is a major fan of the Indigo Girls which, I believe, stems from her BYU days during the late 1900's. Anyone who ever lived in Provo at that time seems to love these guys and Erasure. Not sure what that means, but I'm kinda glad I chose the Hawaii campus. Anywayz, back to my story. Lyric called a couple months ago desperately trying to find someone to go this concert with her. I asked my hubby if it was okay. He said I could only go if I spiked my hair and wore denim shorts with a neon colored tank top. So it was on! I was going!

If you know any Smiths, you know that we (especially Lyric) are never early for anything. So in accordance with our family values, we arrived after everyone else had found their own perfect little patch of grass. We decided to chance it up front and found a lovely spot two feet from the stage--ideal spot for dancers to block our view, which never crossed our minds until all the dancers blocked our view.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right? However, blog readers, you would all do well to remember: concert or no concert, when surrounded by lesbians dancing, caressing, and kissing each other never lower your guard.

The two women sitting next to us were the initiators of the dancing. If you've ever been to an outdoor concert you know the dance-initiator type--brave, unashamed, and most assuredly drunk. These switch-hitters were doing things I've never seen two women do before and which gave me nightmares for four nights. I swear these players were rounding second base and heading towards third (if ya know what I mean). Eventually more people joined in dancing, including unassuming, guard-lowered Lyric and me.

It took only a couple more beers for one of the two said women to try groping or kissing anyone within reach. Lyric was within reach. She pulled Lyric's head closer to her own in hopes of reaching first base. As frightened as she was, Lyric successfully blocked the advance (probably scarred for life) while I lunged at the boozer ready to knock her on her booty. The woman saw my defensiveness and assumed Lyric and I were "together" and looked scared for a minute. Rightfully so. I was like a mother bear protecting her older sister. Plus I was at least a foot taller and probably had 50 lbs on her.

Needless to say, the concert was a huge success impressing upon our minds fond memories and an even greater love for our husbands. Before I left for the concert Andy gave me a big, loooong kiss followed with, "This is just so you remember what it's like to love a man. Don't go changin' on me tonight."

Andy, I echo Amy's words to Emily. "I'm gonna love you good and strong while our love is good and young."

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Greetings from Idaho

Since I haven't blooged for a bit,here's some pictures. If you can't see the whole picture, you should be able to click on it and it will take you to my wacky intertainin photobucket site with pictures of lilacs and Hilary in the living room saying, don't take any pointless pictures of me, and stuff.

Here's one of a korean spice bush that'll knock your socks off. it's kinda blurry, but that's to simulate the intoxicating fragrance. I'm creative with my photography like that. This is our front door in moscow, which we left in late May.


We also left the Hinchey-Wincheys. Trust me, they are as crazy as they look. Notice in the background, you can see the internet on the internet. That's what in grad school we used to call metacognitive displasia.


Then we cruised down south and Kyle took us disc golfing in Upper Ross Park, where kyle has to fight the men off when he wears them sleek jeans like that and moves so gracefully. Atta boy! Whatta stroke!


Carter got game


Hil and mom got game in the gourmet! Don't forget that extra scoop of mayo! (that's her secret ingredient in a lot of stuff. shhh don't tell.)


Then we went back West beyond the City of Idaho on the Crooked River, untouched by hydro power, resortification, or orthodontia.



Idaho City's got class. And you can tip your waitress in gold dust!


After a long day of all that, Jorgensens know how to relax. Even if he don't have the pure blue blood pumping in his arteries.Cole is good enough at sitting on a couch to be an official Jorgensen,

Notice the guy in the middle's lovely gut. Oughta start wearing vertical stripes. The Yeti boy also needs to start shaving his arms.


Hangin loose in HI.

My Brother Dane was in Hawaii, and so I was looking at our pictures. I love this one so I had to put it up, even though it's a year old.