Saturday, October 30, 2010

Personal Ad Found in Moscow Tribune

Single white aggresive,


And tempting female

Seeks handsome male.

Enjoys being snuggled in the cool weather

Only to have romantic evenings by the fire later.

Doesn't mind being strung along.

Also likes to have a little fun and commit an occasional misdemeanor.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lamentation 1:1

I used to be so clever at writing, brimming with ideas. See, for example, blog post on this blog of Thursday, December 11, 2008. Hilary has told me that my blogging's dull; I just tell her, once again, "you're not the bossa me!" but I know she's right.

Law school has crushed clever writing and now all I can think about is jurisdiction, conjunctive or disjunctive elements in statutes and prima facie cases, and per stirpes with representation inheritance. Those are real things, not like "axio ab delicioso," which phrase I might try on a final now that I am a carefree 3rd year student.

If you knew what I was talking about then you might be a lawyer, and I feel sorry for you (not that you're a lawyer, but because you got weird birth marks on your face)

Which reminds me of my favorite poem I read in a coffee shop in Pocatello, back when I read chapbooks resting on cofee shop tables and not the MRPC.

When I see people with birth marks and funny moles
on their faces and stuff like that,
I laugh at them

And then they see
I don't got no teeth.

At least I'm not studying rocket science.

There's also a good blonde joke waiting to be inspired by this video.
I'm talkin to you, dad, lawyer who does have some cleverness left in him on at least 1/3 of his jokes. .333 is a great batting average.

Love Andy

Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm voting for Keith Allred

I'm voting for Keith Allred, and I encourage you to do the same.
I met him while he was campaigning up here in Moscow, and he seems like a very nice, down to earth, and bright guy. He has a PhD in conflict resolution, he's a former bishop, he supports education and economic growth in Idaho, and he's tall and handsome (which I can totally relate to).

Hilary also is voting for him, of her own accord, even though she's usually a republican kind of girl.

Here's his website.

Any dentist friends and family of ours should check out the recent story about the surprise and harsh medicare cuts for dental coverage by Otter's administration.

Any teachers, prospective teachers, or college students should also compare Otter's education-cutting policy to Allred's support of education.

Feel free to post any disagreeing comments. It won't hurt my feelings.