Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I love autumn. The season of sweaters and no coat; tee shirts with a jacket; sixty degree days, little rain; pumpkins, leaves and Thanksgiving. During these couple months out of the year, Mother Earth and I have a special understanding. She and I are on totally different wave lengths from December to August, but come September, she really gets me, you know?

However, I've inherited a disease (undoubtedly from my father). As soon as the air gets slightly brisk nudging me towards my cocoa stash in the evenings I am severely tempted to listen to Christmas music--be it December or September. I just wanna turn the lights down low and snuggle up to a book and Kenny G. Andy knows that autumn is my favorite time of year but insists that listening to Josh Grobin's Noel album in October is "like punching fall in the face."

Am I disrespecting Mama Earth at a time when she does so much to make me happy?