Saturday, June 9, 2012


at Big Bun

Norah knows the basic food groups: chocolate, chocolate milk, sprinkles, and meat. (Buddy the elf got it wrong.) I told her we were going to go get fruit and vegetables when we went to pick up our 'bountiful basket.'  "They  put hamburgers in there?" she asked.  "No, just fruits and vegetables."  A minute later from the back seat, she asked in a concerned voice, "Daddy, you buy some meat?"

That's how she got so strong.
Doing the caber toss or fighting off the wolves or making things pretty with a magic wand at the rose garden on our daddy-daughter date.

Pistachio milkshake at Big Bun.  Juni recommends Reese's Peanut Butter instead.

Juni knows how to party no matter what she eats.  Especially at 3 a.m. With screams.