Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mr. And Mrs. Jorgensen from Moscow #1

This will be the hey-friends-and-family-look-at-us digital scrapbook aka “blob” or “webblob” for Hilary and me. We’ll both be writing, I suppose. My writing will be distinguished by my great proficiency and hers by her character and adventurous spirit, which will shine forth from the prose like the city on the Hil that cannot be hid.

Puns are always intentional with me.

For those of you not familiar with my writing, I tend to follow my fancy, which means that I ramble on. I can write concisely if I want to, but in blogging I generally don’t. Ye are forewarned.

Hilary is great. Everyone would be so lucky to just get to know her, and I get to share a bathroom sink with her! I think you know what I mean. Lately she has been cookin up lots of great chow rations for this army of one.

I have been impressed and grateful and bien satisfecho:

- Grilled Egg Salad sandwiches with avocado. (After Church)

- Linguine with shrimp scampi and sautéed red peppers and yellow squash

- Spinach salad with short grain brown rice with grilled salmon fillet

- Gigantic trifle with chocolate pudding, whip cream, devil’s food cake and toffee bar (took me three days to finish it off)

-Fresh peach pie

-blackberry ice cream


All with a great degree of difficulty score and bonus presentation points. She’s pretty amazing. This is all just in the past few days. I’ve always wondered what fat Andrew Jorgensen would look like. We’ll all meet him soon. J

Moscow is lovely. Weather, traffic, road bike trail, campus.

I'll be posting more about our Hawaii pirate vacation when I get my CD rom to work. In the meantime, here's a wedding photo.

With Time-elapsed lots of food technology: