Monday, May 21, 2012


Look closely. Although I suppose it doesn't take an all that up-close look to notice the one word that:
a) stands out like a red light
b) is PG-13 rated and
c) neither Andy nor I actually found in the entire 120 seconds we had to list all the words we could find on this Boggle board.

I suppose this reflects that we are:
a) pure in heart or
b) too busy playing Boggle when we could have been doing other things.


etreiersen said...

You and your boggle. A & B

Melissa said...

lol thats awesome.

Kelli said...

this made me laugh! good stuff.

erin d. said...

"Wows"? ;)

Tiffany Giraud said...

I have to admit I stared at this for 5 minutes, not seeing anything that fit that description (trying to spell every swear word I know). I had Gavin look and he instantly points it out. :S lol

Brett & Hailey Cahoon said...

Time to dig out the oven mitts.

chelseyandmatt said... crack me up! We need to see you guys sometime since were both here in Boise !