Sunday, November 4, 2012

Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

Juniper's 1st Birthday

Norah's 1st Birthday

Same cake. Same results. And if you're wondering, Juniper's birthday is on Halloween, hence the white face paint.


Melissa said...

Happy birthday to the sweet girl.

Terance-N-Jaime said...

Success!! The little white face makes a great contrast to the chocolate!:-) Yeah for birthdays! I need to get ours posted.:-)

etreiersen said...

Wow, you only make the best for your kids. Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake for a 1 year old. Looks like Juniper enjoyed it. Happy Birthday to Juni!

We miss you guys! Can we come visit you in August??? I know that is 9 months away, and you are probably booked. We know how popular you guys are.

marsha jorgensen said...

I could just lick her clean..mmmmmmmmmmm