Friday, August 3, 2012


Bags. Bags with books. Bags with DVDs. Bags with a princess dress and undies and sippy cups and Juni's toys and snacks and outfits to wear in Pocatello (which I have to explain over and over that we're not going back there for a month). I tell her we're going swimming in two days and she packs a bag with sunblock and beach towels and the whole family's swimsuits and undies and clothes to wear afterward. Then she empties the bag in the living room and starts all over.

Future star of Hoarders? Or maybe she plans to travel a lot like Rick Steves (we really call him Uncle Rick at our house). Or maybe she's planning to runaway. But I'd only encourage that if she had a particularly outstanding skill like August Rush. But, hey, what am I talking about? She can pack like the cutest rat you've ever seen.

P.S. I realize half these bags are empty, which is evidence that this photo was not staged and that it was only 9:30 am--a whole lot of packing time left in the day.


etreiersen said...

Prettiest little pack rat I have ever seen. It is funny the little game that kids love to play.

We miss you guys :(

erin d. said...

We love Rick Steves too

marsha jorgensen said...

She was packing at grandmas too! At grandmas we'd call her a pack "mouse" huh Hilary!

Andrew Jorgensen said...

Good one Hilary(ous)

"I gotta go put on my contacts," she says.


That is so funny. My girls do that same thing. The other day I got so mad and said if they "packed" one more bag I would lose my mind!